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An Act of Dog - Art with Heart

‘An Act of Dog' is a non-­profit 501c3 foundation, founded by artist, Mark Barone and Marina Dervan, dedicated to supporting the No-­Kill Solution for Shelter Animals in the USA. Mark is painting 5500 shelter dogs, the approximate number of dogs killed in shelters every day across the USA. Mark and Marina exemplify the powerful integration of ‘Art’ and ‘Heart’ with their vision to make a difference in the world. Mark and Marina have a dream; one that imagines our Nation committed to celebrating and sustaining the lives of Shelter Animals, by giving them the same love and compassion that they give to us; for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.

Through ‘An Act of Dog’ we all have the opportunity to become the greatness that our beloved animal companions already believe us to be. We can ensure, with our voices and actions, that America becomes a No-­kill Nation.

You can contribute to the vision of An Act of Dog through the website,

Click here to Listen to the conversation I had with Mark and Marina on Good and Green Radio in 2012.

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